Ultra Signature Railing

Signature Railing is Ultra’s line of aluminum hand railing. Our Signature hand rails are fluted, for an heirloom quality appearance, and are available in continuous or post-to-post style. But Signature is not just good-looking; it’s ICC (International Commercial Code) compliant— strong enough to meet or exceed all building codes for railings. The Signature Railing system utilizes a two-piece design that withstands considerably more lateral force than code requires. The outer rail provides a secure hand grip and completely covers all stainless-steel fasteners for a sleek, hidden- fastened look.

All railing sections come in standard 3’ and 3-1/2’ heights x 6’ widths when flange -mounted, and standard 8’ widths when core drilled. Shorter panels can be provided from the factory or field trimmed to meet exact measurements on-site.

We use only the strongest aluminum alloys, and incorporate 20% more aluminum in all our rails than most of our competitors. All the components of our Railing System are individually designed and factory assembled with stainless-steel fasteners to ensure structural integrity. The entire assembly is protected with our Powercoat™ finish, a durable finish that is typically twice as thick as most other types of paints and enamels.


Post-To-Post Railing

UAR-200-2R Two-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR-200-2R Two-Rail Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAR-200-2R Two-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR-200-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR-200-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAR-200-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR-220-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR-220-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAR-220-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

UAR 250 Three Rail with Spears

UAR-250-3RS Three-Rail w/ Spears Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAR-250-3RS Three-Rail w/ Spears Post-to-Post

UAR 270 Three Rail

UAR-270-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAR-270-3R Three-Rail Post-to-Post

UAG 270 Two Rail - Glass

UAG-200-2R Two-Rail Glass Post-to-Post

Detailed Information: UAG-200-2R Two-Rail Glass Post-to-Post

Continuous Top Railing

UARC 200 Two-Rail

UARC-200-2R Two-Rail

Detailed Information: UARC-200-2R Two-Rail

UARC-200-3R Three-Rail

UARC-200-3R Three-Rail

Detailed Information: UARC-200-3R Three-Rail

UARC-220-3R Three-Rail

UARC-220-3R Three-Rail

Detailed Information: UARC-220-3R Three-Rail

UARC-250-3RS Three-Rail w/ Spears

UARC-250-3RS Three-Rail w/ Spears

Detailed Information: UARC-250-3RS Three-Rail w/ Spears

UARC-270 Three-Rail

UARC-270-3R Three-Rail

Detailed Information: UARC-270-3R Three-Rail

UACG-270 Three-Rail – Glass

UAGC-270-3R Three-Rail Glass

Detailed Information: UAGC-270-3R Three-Rail Glass

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